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Science Team

Carlos Chaccour

(mostly science, also script writing, and web content)

After spending three years as the only doctor in several rural communities in the Amazon region of Venezuela, he completed an MSc in tropical medicine at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. There the idea of ivermectin as a tool in the fight against malaria occurred to him and he ran a controlled trial demonstrating that ivermectin kills mosquitoes feeding on treated volunteers.

Julie Chaccour

(scientific and web content, translations, Twitter)

Got her MSc in immunology of infectious diseases at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She has worked on malaria and other tropical diseases in Germany, England and Venezuela. Julie is mom to Sofia, Natalie and soon also to Santiago and currently works as a medical writer. Julie met Carlos in London when she volunteered for his first ivermectin study.

José Luis del Pozo

(principal investigator of the project)

Is a consultant in Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at the Clinica Universidad de Navarra. He spent three years working as a Clinical Research Fellow in the Mayo Clinic (Rochester) before returning to Navarra in 2009. His daughters play with Carlos & Julie's girls in the park on weekends.

Campaign Team

Isabel Grábalos Palomino

(campaign manager, social media)

Wanted to study philosophy to grow as a writer, and decided to add a degree in film and TV at the same time; mostly to convince her parents she would not starve making a living from paper and pen. And she loved what she did. After (and while) training as professional ballerina for 18 years, she also dived into performing arts as make-up artist, actress, and director of several classic and experimental theatre groups, dancer in a contemporary ensemble, and half of a mime duo.

Santiago González-Barros

(head of creativity, audiovisuals)

Ever since being little, Santi has been cultivating his passion for art. Drawing, painting, photography and video have accompanied him until he finished his degree in audiovisuals. Now he creates promotional videos for his university and also works freelance. He likes animals, the sea and everything truly beautiful.

Chema González de Echavarri

(our second in-house artist, design and illustration)

Is finishing his medical degree at the University of Navarre but always reserves time for drawings and illustrations, playing guitar and ukulele. He is part of the group “Mind-Brain” of the Institute of Culture and Society at the University of Navarre and is studying graphic design at Deusto.

Rocío García de Leániz

(infographics, web layout and design)

Graduated from the University of Navarre with a degree in journalism. She works freelance and specialises in infographics and graphic design. She has previously worked for the newspaper El Correo and the University of Navarre.

Alberto Roura Martínez

(our in-house web programmer/designer)

Is an open-source fanatic system administrator based in Brisbane, Australia. Our website magician has been a web programmer of many other projects on the internet for the last ten years.

Nadine Goldau

(mostly blog content)

Studies medicine in Heidelberg, Germany, but is currently spending her Erasmus semester in Pamplona. Working in the University Clinic, she became intrigued by the Malaria MISSION. Having visited Namibia after high school, she was looking for a project in the field of tropical diseases and found it in MISSION. She and her backpack have become very good friends on her countless trips.


University of Navarre

The University of Navarre is a Christian-inspired private university in Northern Spain. The University intends to promote scientific research and the personal development of students and professors alike. It was founded in 1952 and currently has around 12.000 students in four campuses (Pamplona, San Sebastian, Madrid and Barcelona).